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Division of Pensions & Benefits

Video Library

Videos for Members

Exploring Your Pension Options

MBOS Login Issues Part 1: Forgot Your Login ID or Password

MBOS Login Issues Part 2: Contacting myNewJersey for Assistance

How to Run a Retirement Estimate for PERS and TPAF Members

Reviewing a Retirement Application

Applying for a Pension Loan

Health Benefits ePay Application

Possible Retirement Check Deductions

Retirement Types, Eligibility & Calculations

Understanding Your Personal Benefits Statement

Designating a Beneficiary for Active Members

Videos for Employers

Benefitsolver – State Biweekly Training

Benefitsolver – State Monthly Training

How to Complete a Death Certification

Completing a Pension Withdrawal Certification using EPIC

Enrolling New Pension Members in EPIC

Reading a Payroll Certification

How to Calculate Group Life Insurance

Add an Employee to the IROC

Certified Loan Request

Notification of Employment After Retirement

How Does a Member Waive Health Benefits?

How to Complete a Purchase Certification

Significant Salary Increase

How to Complete a Retirement Certification

Videos for SHBP/SEHBP Members

What is COBRA

Dental Plans

Coverage for Your Child with Disabilities

Young Adult Coverage

Chapter 375: Over Age Children

Understanding Health Insurance Terms

SHBP/SEHBP Horizon Health Guides


Virtual Passport To Your Benefits  


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How to Run a Retirement Estimate for PERS & TPAF Members

SHBP/SEHBP Horizon Health Guides

MBOS Login Issues Part 1: Forgot Your Login ID or Password

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